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Apartments Katerinoslavskij I (LA)

Small apartment of 40 sq. m is located in the residential complex “Katerinoslavsky I”  in the center of Dnipro city. The location of the house is conducive to leading a rich, vibrant life: a large number of places for relax and entertainment, a developed transport infrastructure, an abundance of new opportunities that can satisfy the needs […]

Apartments Katerinoslavskij I (BA)

The apartment in the residential complex “Katerinoslavsky I” is located in the center of Dnipro city near the Heroes of the Maidan Square. The new building is a confirmation of the delicate taste and prestige of the owners of the apartments, which is undoubtedly reflected in the interior. A married couple asked to develop a […]

Grill brothers

The hotel, the roadside complex, is located at the junction of three regions in Pokrovskoe (an urban-type settlement) . The location of the three-story building has its main tasks. The roadside complex combines several functions: – 1st floor. A cozy cafe with a summer terrace and two VIP rooms of different capacities, as well as […]


The chamber is not a standard interior of the office – a showroom for the sale of the “best friends” of all girls in the world – diamonds. The task was to create an exhibition space used for the display and sale of VIP-class jewelry. In the center of the room there is a large […]

restaurant RISE

The project of the new restaurant is located in the center of Dnipro, on Yekaterinoslavsky Boulevard, on the ground level of the Kaskad Plaza shopping center. Premises over 1000 sq. m. with low ceilings, a large number of passing communications, no windows and huge columns, such difficult initial data were obtained at the beginning of […]

A country house

A country house of 400 square meters is located in Vinnitsa. The house is intended for a young family. Working on the project, the task was to create a cozy status interior. The preferences of the hostess of the house differed from the tastes of her husband, so in the interior of the house it […]

Reconstruction of the restaurant in the building of the shopping center Most City

The idea of reconstruction of the premises of the Madison American bar & Bowling appeared because of, firstly, a change in the restaurant’s concept, a desire to breathe new life, and secondly, due to the need to change the layout of the premises to be able to transform into a banquet hall for various indoor […]

Country house with a touch of chalet

Arriving at the building for the first time, I saw a house with an attic and large windows, a balcony and an open veranda, such an alpine house. The roof is with steep slopes and overhanging edges harmoniously fit into the landscape, giving the impression that you are in an alpine village, and not in […]

The second sky

The interior design of the office in Dnipro included fundamental planning changes – replacing the old cabinet system with ” an open space”. The main task: to do  the maximum working places  and create  a comfortable working atmosphere. Functionally, all office space is divided into 5 zones: working space *open space*; dining room; dressing rooms; […]
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