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Apartments Katerinoslavskij I (LA)

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Apartments Katerinoslavskij I (LA)

Small apartment of 40 sq. m is located in the residential complex “Katerinoslavsky I”  in the center of Dnipro city. The location of the house is conducive to leading a rich, vibrant life: a large number of places for relax and entertainment, a developed transport infrastructure, an abundance of new opportunities that can satisfy the needs of young people. Not  only to be , but also to live in an environment filled with such powerful energy is the desire of many young people.


We  have a similar case at the moment . The parents of a young girl asked to create a design project for two apartments in the neighborhood, in one of which their adult daughter will live. It was required to create a space where the young lady would feel comfortable. In this case, the house is not only a place for relaxation and peace of mind, but also a platform for receiving guests and spending atmospheric evenings.

Even being small and compact, the apartment attracts with its spaciousness and warmth, thanks to panoramic windows, a lot of light, and colors. Delicate light colors, in which the entire apartment is finished, visually enlarge the space, and a well-chosen color splash (shades of purple and gray) not only enlivens the overall picture, but also adds a little expression. Thus, the interior of the apartment is quite contrasting. It was also decided not to stick to any particular style. In fact, the entire interior is a reflection of the customer, the state of her soul.

Despite its small area, the apartment includes an entrance hall, a kitchen-living room, a small bedroom and a bathroom. There was no need for a dressing room; a dark gray wardrobe on the entire wall acted as the main storage place. It created amazing contrast against the white background. The same effect was achieved by playing with shades in the kitchen and sofa areas: the dark gray color does not make the room gloomy, but distracts from the perception of the space as a hospital ward. The main accent element was the wall in the dining table area – a composition of 3D panels, painted in the customer’s favorite color, dilutes the achromatic interior, adding a touch of cold mystery. Shades of purple are found in the decor elements of the apartment. The cushions and the painting above the sofa maintain the color cohesion with the decorative wall.

If the hallway and the kitchen-living room have a restrained cold mood, then the bedroom, as a place of comfort and warmth, is their opposite. The bedroom is a corner for privacy and relaxation, which, with the help of design, is especially emphasized in this room. The absence of flashy colors and contrasting solutions will set the hostess of the house for a pleasant healthy sleep. The accent elements are the vertical 3D panels behind the bed, painted in warm brown, and the large painting above the headboard.

The interior design is built on nuances: the subtlest overflows of light shades, the point introduction of accent elements, reflections in the mirrors, and, of course, the delicate mental organization of the young woman who wished to live in a  modern apartment.