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Interior design for comfort and beauty

Interior design is a clever using of space, proportions, a combination of textures and surfaces, providing convenience and beauty. With the ability to combine everything you will have an opportunity for a design for any budget. The interior, created by a professional, will be happiness for its owns with comfort and beauty.

Assess the interior before the start of construction and repair works

Drawings and visualizations provide an opportunity to control the process, and look at the future interior even before the start of repair and construction work. This will make it possible to make the necessary adjustments, to be in sure the correct combination of all used decorative elements, furniture and colors. The design of the project is worked to the smallest details, and in the end you get a finished interior

3 stages in a successful design project:

  • Personal communication. You will be able to tell about all the wishes, demonstrate good examples and get expert recommendations / suggestions.
  • Examine the object. Even in the simplest, at first glance, projects can be “pitfalls”. Modern design will be perfect if before starting work to know all issues and study the features of the object.
  • Preparation of tasks for design. Interior design of an apartment or a house begins with the technical specifications. It is necessary to know all the features of the object, your wishes and the stylistic direction that was eventually chosen.

You can choose a suitable project proposal by reading the detailed description of each of them. The price of the development of interior design depends on the size of the object and the chosen option.


Make sure that the space suits you.
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Need the electricity

That situation when you know how everything will be and for builders need the electricity
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All necessary drawings
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Do it yourself

There are all the drawings and visualizations without customer’s selection
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Full construction

All drawings, visualizations, selection of everything, supervision
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Architecture –    the design of private houses – is not only a beautiful look, but also a competent planning solution.

Draft design (DD):

Pre-project proposal for the customer in accordance with the specifications.

  • General layout diagram
  • Floor Plans
  • 3D visualization
  • Facades

Project proposal (PP):

  • Master Plan
  • Passport of the facade
  • Facades in axles
  • Planning solutions
  • General building views

Working project (WD):


Master Plan: Linking the Designed Building and Structures of the LFA at the Site, Driveways, Sites, TEP, Landscaping


Architectural solutions: passport of the facade, facades in the axes, layouts with explication of the premises, sections for the designed building


Reinforced concrete or metal structures: foundations, floors, monolithic belts, stair constructions, etc.


Technological part of the project: plans for the placement of furniture and equipment, specification of equipment and installation devices


Heating and ventilation: plans for the placement of heating and ventilation equipment, specification of installation equipment and materials


Domestic plumbing and sewage: wiring network plans, specification of installation equipment and materials


Electrical solutions: basic and single-line power supply schemes, electrical equipment layout plans (sockets, lighting, electrical panels), material specification.