Interior Design

Interior design is Art of creating of the area. This is the art and science of the arrangement of life. This is more than the placement of objects and functionality. The interior design shows a soul of its owner, fills the space with meaning and beauty, and this is valuable!

What is a design project

Design project is not just a beautiful “picture”. First of all, this is a competent planning solution, proportions, a combination of surfaces and textures, a harmonious color decision. These are technical opportunities and limitations linked to each other, client’s wishes and budget. It is important that the interior designer sees the project in a complex, from all sides. He knows how to combine materials and how to realize his plans.

How to create an interior design project

Absolutely no matter what you want to transform! Design project is suitable for: an elite apartment in a new building; the secondary housing; commercial offices; houses and cottages.
The difference in cost between repairs with a designer and just repairs is up to 5% of the total price of finishing and construction works. While the quality, harmony, aesthetics, which the client receives as a result, are more important. For commercial buildings, working with a professional – is a business investment in the interior. For family, friends – it is aesthetic pleasure.

How to create an interior design project

  1. We receive a request from the site or call from you;
  2. Meeting, discussing;
  3. Signing a contract. The timing, cost, the composition and the graph of the project;
  4. Measurements of area, preparation of technical specifications for design;
  5. Make a planning solutions;
  6. 3D visualization;
  7. Development of working documentation. Materials’ list;
  8. Issuance of the project. Realization. Customer’s supervision, a complete set materials;
  9. Professional photography of finished interior.



Profile education.
Graduated of PGASA 2009
Architecture of buildings and structures

11 years experience in the development of: housing, catering buildings, commercial buildings

Independent working 3 years. More than 8000 m2 projected.

Work with both a private customer (apartments, houses) and corporations (Alef Estate.)

Work with the customer at the convenient time for him.

Effective tools to work with the customer.

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Office in Dnipro and Kiev

I work across all Ukraine and abroad

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