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Chic interior was created for the fan of classic shapes and rich textures.

Despite the abundance of decorative techniques and complex finishing materials, the project was implemented, in a very short time, the repair was doing less than half a year.

At the beginning of the project the task was to create a fashionable bright and unique interior.

The velvety sapphire walls of the hallway are already enveloping you with incredible energy. “Tiled carpet” made of porcelain – an indisputable accent of the room, it makes the interior even more elegant and aristocratic.

The main room in the apartment is the kitchen-living room, several complex textures were used at the same time in its wall decoration. The abundance of bronze mirrors was combined with two types of porcelain stoneware, one of which was laid in a pattern in different planes.

A special place in the creation and implementation of the interior took the selection of materials, colors and textures for furniture, all the furniture with the exception of the sofa and the dining room group was made  by the designer’s sketches. A bed was also made to order.

The bedroom, or the boudoir zone of the apartment has no less solemn and magnificent decoration. The accent of the bedroom is a black partition decorated with glossy decorative plaster under the texture of a crocodile. The deep rich color of the walls contrasts with the light natural carpet with high pile.

Highlights and completes the interior carefully thought-out lighting. Rich chandeliers and wall lamps in combination with different lighting scenarios against the background of silk walls, glitter of silver and gilding created a dizzying, refined atmosphere of high-quality housing.