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Apartment on Mironova

Spacious apartment with a simple design is located in the residential complex “House on Mironova” in the heart Dnipro. The 21st floor and panoramic windows to the European Square became the starting point in the concept of interior design.
This apartment is an investment project, that’s why for saving the budget, the project was completed without a visualization, only the engineering and technical part.
Like any design project, work was begun with the development of a planning solution. The free layout and the good location of utilities allowed us to design a space with a spacious kitchen-living room, bedroom, dressing room, children’s room and two bathrooms. The approved version of the planning decision was carefully designed and agreed with the contractors, as a result, the customer was given an album of drawings for the repair. This version of the project has several nuances. Having only a general idea of the interior, it was necessary to change some materials during the repair and amend the drawings and specifications. This type of project management provides more visits to the building area and more time for the selection of materials, furniture and decor.
As a result, the interior turned out to be laconic with notes of minimalism consisting of simple shapes and lines in a restrained color scheme. Interior is without extra details: only space, freedom and a lot of light.