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Grill brothers

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Grill brothers

The hotel, the roadside complex, is located at the junction of three regions in Pokrovskoe (an urban-type settlement) . The location of the three-story building has its main tasks.

The roadside complex combines several functions:

– 1st floor. A cozy cafe with a summer terrace and two VIP rooms of different capacities, as well as a sauna with a swimming pool with a separate entrance from the opposite side of the building;

– 2nd floor. Mini-hotel with different types of rooms, different capacities and conditions;

– 3rd floor. A casino club for poker lovers.

The main interiors of the complex are made in a bright and expressive industrial style: brick walls, rough metal parts (nets, corners, channels), open communications in contrasting colors, aged wood, expressive lighting fixtures and furniture, as well as various “loft features”. This style was chosen to make the object memorable and recognizable among other roadside locations in the region. The place will attract regular visitors not only among the local population, but also transit tourists.

The design of the hotel rooms itself is quite modest, without unnecessary frills, as they are not designed for long-term stays, mainly for one night. The main requirements are practical, wear-resistant materials that are easy to clean.

Despite the general brutal character, the interior turned out to be quite cozy, making you want to come back again and again.