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restaurant RISE

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Restaurant RISE

The project of the new restaurant is located in the center of Dnipro, on Yekaterinoslavsky Boulevard, on the ground level of the Kaskad Plaza shopping center.

Premises over 1000 sq. m. with low ceilings, a large number of passing communications, no windows and huge columns, such difficult initial data were obtained at the beginning of the design. The main task was to create a voluminous space. An interior  is with  several lighting scenarios, where the atmosphere is transformed for different times of the day. This concept makes it possible to use the restaurant during the day as a location for status lunches and business meetings, and in the evening as a place for luxury parties and noisy show programs. We  wanted to create a special, intriguing atmosphere for the guests of the restaurant, an atmosphere of relaxation, thereby protecting them from the bustle of the noisy metropolis.

The premises are functionally divided into zones: entrance, main – common hall, stage, bar; a hookah bar, toilets , a kitchen and a separate area – VIP rooms for chamber celebrations, as well as a children’s room.

The common hall is equipped with the technical for karaoke, and has an  opportunity to invite  celebrities (stage with professional lighting and sound equipment).

When  we were choosing  a color of  palette for walls, ceilings, furniture and textiles, it was necessary to take into account the circumstance of transformation and transformation of color when using different light scenarios. Different lighting conditions transform violet colors in combination with gray into a variety of noble shades.

A number of optical techniques are used to visually increase the space and compensate for the low ceiling. The use of different surfaces (mirror, glossy, pearl) fills the room with a play of light and reflections. Geometric elements on the walls, vertical stripes of irregular shape, not only visually increased the height of the room, but also made the interior extravagant and recognizable. And the white mother-of-pearl ceiling further enhanced the desired effect.

The interior of the VIP rooms (banquet halls) of the restaurant has a more intimate, cozy setting: dark walls with moldings, contrasting furniture, mirror panels, a fireplace decorated with travertine, and, finally, an accent wall made with seamless wallpaper with an exotic pattern.

Thanks  to successful architectural and design solutions, it was possible to create a light space with a pleasant atmosphere of calm and discreet chic.

This restaurant will be in the hearts not only city residents, but also its guests.

A place where you will  want to come back again and again !!!