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Order a design


The chamber is not a standard interior of the office – a showroom for the sale of the “best friends” of all girls in the world – diamonds. The task was to create an exhibition space used for the display and sale of VIP-class jewelry.

In the center of the room there is a large table for receiving visitors. It is the main display area for jewelry, so special attention was paid to the issue of lighting. Various lighting scenarios, as well as double lamps with lamps of different glow temperatures, create optimal illumination for the perception of the multifaceted beauty of stones and products in general.

The interior is done in calm warm colors with expressive natural textures of stone and wood. The walls are decorated with wallpaper on one side and a mirrored panel on the other; this technique is used to visually increase the space. Decorative frames, combined with natural stones, are accent elements and a winning backdrop for jewelry display cases. The glossy, almost mirrored surfaces of the furniture, in contrast to the soft textiles, create a special atmosphere. The classic lines of baguette frames and the shine of a massive chandelier give the room an aristocratic elegance. This interior will certainly emphasize the prestige of the presented products, after visiting this place, it is impossible to leave empty-handed.