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Apartments Katerinoslavskij I (BA)

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Apartments Katerinoslavskij I (BA)

The apartment in the residential complex “Katerinoslavsky I” is located in the center of Dnipro city near the Heroes of the Maidan Square. The new building is a confirmation of the delicate taste and prestige of the owners of the apartments, which is undoubtedly reflected in the interior.

A married couple asked to develop a design project for two adjacent apartments of 140 sq. m and 40 sq. The customers are planning to live in the first apartment , and their eldest daughter in the second.

A large apartment impresses with its scale and many panoramic windows that offer a view of the beautiful center of Dnipro city. The task was to organize a harmonious space where one would like to hide from the bustle of the city. The created interior fascinates with its delicate color palette and well-placed accents. Peach, milky, light gray, coffee – all these shades perfectly emphasize the relaxed and happy atmosphere of the house.

A huge amount of work has been done to create a variety of planning solutions. One of the many options was chosen, which included an entrance hall, smoothly flowing into a spacious kitchen-living room; large bedroom, kid’s room , study, dressing room and two bathrooms –  for hosts  and guests.

One of the wishes of the customers was a big table designed for guests, as well as a large sofa where you can completely relax.


The shelving partition, through it – can be seen  the space of the common room from the hallway, having the sunlight and attracting a person who has entered. It combines the space of the hallway and living room, organizing only light zoning.

An accent spot in the living room is a reproduction of a painting by American artist Jackson Pollock, which will undoubtedly attract admiring glances.

The ensemble of lamps in alliance with the stretch ceiling creates a light, but clear geometry, giving rhythm to the space.

In the kitchen, a round stretch ceiling, located directly above the dining table, lends a soft and fluid shape, reflecting a sophisticated chandelier. Glossy kitchen surfaces enhance the glide of sunlight through panoramic windows.

The cabinet, despite its strict work atmosphere, includes elements that make it homelike. The wardrobe and wall panels made of warm light wood, as well as a soft comfortable sofa, do not allow it to be confused with an office space.

The bedroom space is very conditionally divided by a decorative partition into two parts: the sleeping area  in its classical sense (bed, small wardrobe, TV wall), as well as a place to relax and read books on a cozy sofa, the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of the city without leaving your own bedrooms.

The design project of a room for a teenage boy is radically different in color in comparison with the rest of the space. The interior of the room is dominated by dark shades of gray and blue, creating a contrasting ground for the white color, which appears pointwise in the room. In the sleeping area, discreet photowall-paper with a neutral image and color scheme was used. Despite the absence of a provocative rebellious mood, a teenage fuse is clearly visible in the room, which will allow the child to live comfortably in his usual environment.

The apartment is designed with two bathrooms, the wall tiles and color perception of which turned out to be extremely distinctive. If the master’s bathroom is designed in the general style of the apartment with all its severity and sophistication, with pleasant delicate shades, then the guest bathroom has become the main large-scale color spot of the entire apartment space – one of the walls is decorated with bright tiles, creating a colorful mood and an unexpected accent.

This apartment is a real bliss and a delight for the eyes. The softness and tenderness of textures and shades, as well as the elegance and simplicity of modern forms of furniture and decor merged in a single combination.