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How to choose an apartment in a new building

The building company, selling square meters (open space) limited by walls, windows and the presence of communications, often does not think about the future planning of the apartment. Or those options that are offered, does not like the customer.

  • What should you pay attention to:
    On structures (which cannot be removed anywhere) columns and beams.
    Are there columns in the middle of an apartment space, how will they affect the future placement of premises?
  • What are the walls (material)? Do they need additional warming, soundproofing. The minimum layer of 2-3 cm should be. This will reduce the floor space.
  • Sewer risers. Well, when there are more than one, ideally 2-3. This gives mobility to accommodation (wet rooms) bathrooms and kitchens.
  • What is heating like radiators (convector)? If the heating is centralized, then you can make electric underfloor heating.
    If a double-boiler, then its very placement, very often the developer places it not rational, but where it was convenient for them and its transfer is not always an easy task. Gas supply to the boiler and the presence of comb for batteries and underfloor heating. If you want to use a floor convector, you need 7-10 cm of tie for their placement.
  • Often combine a balcony with a common space. The first, you need to find out whether it is possible to do so, whether it will not spoil the facade. Also applies to air conditioners, are there any special places or will it be centralized air conditioning?
  • Room height. The height will drop by 5-10 cm minimum, since under the ceiling, as a rule, all communications pass, the junction of walls and the ceiling also does not allow for this to be done closely.

Everything is individual, for every object there can be more or less questions and this all influences on the planning decision. For you to make the right choice, you will be helped by a designer or architect.

After listening to your wishes about filling and zoning this space, after completing measurements, you can offer several options for a planning solution. You will understand all advantages and disadvantage of this planning decision, then it will be easier to make the right choice.