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The essence and value of accents in interior design

There is a widespread opinion among professionals that an interior design project can be successfully made only when a focus is found – an accent that attracts the viewer’s attention. What can be  this accent? Yes –  color, lighting, the location of the element  which help you to  have an attention. The main thing is that the elements should be expressive – then there is no doubt that it will perform its task.

How to create accents

It seems that everything is clear with the above, however, there is one condition that must be done- this is a sense of proportion that allows you to determine the boundary, after which an interesting find becomes tasteless.

There are three main approaches to the use of this:

  • Accent becomes the main “carrier” of the design concept;
  • Accent “sets off” the main idea, elegantly contrasts with it;
  • Accent creates a mood that is independent of the overall conceptual message.

Separate forms, their interesting combinations and combinations, unexpected solutions from the traditional point of view – all these tools are well suited for accentuation, if they are correctly used by the designer.

Some examples of accents

It is hardly  to overestimate the effect that a creative color scheme of the interior allows to achieve –  the emotional sphere depends on it, style and personality of those who live in the house. There are many various to do this – home textiles, decorative items, lighting, painting, stained glass and panels. At the same time it is important to remember about compatibility – the choice of details is necessarily to choose with the harmony and  the general style of the room.

It is necessary to  choose accessories – the pictures, carpets, lamps, curtains, etc. They will give the overall design completeness, make it complete and unique.



Do not be afraid to use dark colors – risk painting the walls in dark gray or brown, and you will see that your room will be stunningly elegant. The effect can be enhanced and one of the walls can be made to be opposite warm and light. These experiments are very good basic for extremely interesting and impressive results.



There are many opportunities to create unusual accents, giving the interior uniqueness and originality. However, the specificity of their use depends on the designer’s imagination – it is the ability to combine, find creative and competent decisions that are an indicator of professionalism and own author’s style.