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Children’s room design – visual techniques and the most successful color combinations


My home is my fortress”, – this   phrase is known to many people. And the child also has its own small fortress. Of course, we are talking about the children’s room. It is here that he spends his leisure time, prepares for lessons and makes his plans for the future, not forgetting, of course, the most important dreams. Every age has its own characteristics, and the child’s tastes may vary. At 5 years old, the child will be delighted with the bed in the form of a typewriter, and at 10, he will not even want to sleep on it. Maybe everything, but now we want to offer you universal options for decorating a comfortable children’s room for different age groups.

Children’s design begins with the design of the project itself and the selection of colors. The predominant color of the interior should not nervous the child. It has to inspire and tune in to productive learning or pleasure games. Let’s start?

Design of a bedroom for a child  (3 years old)

The best would be a combination of pastel shades in the interior with bright accessories. For example, you will pick up light wallpaper, and add a bright soft crawling mat to the interior. Also do not forget about the presence of thick curtains. They will protect from direct sunlight, which can often disrupt the child’s sleep. Curtains should be harmoniously combined with the main shade of the interior. Of course, the best option – light colors.



Design of a bedroom for a child aged 3 to 7 years

At this age, the child actively perceives the world and develops as a person. What do we do with the interior? Add colorful drawings and images on the walls. It can be stylish wallpapers, stencils, etc. Of course, you do not need to “fill in” all the walls with bright photo wallpapers. Highlight one bright corner, and otherwise leave the gentle pastel colors in the interior. The design of the children’s room for children aged 3 to 7 should be complemented by modular or transformer furniture. It can be transforming cabinets (wardrobe + bed), transforming tables, etc. Space is saved, and during games there will be no sharp and dangerous corners for the child in the room.


Child’s design for a child aged 7 years

A design of a room for a student is being created here. What does it mean? We give to the room more light, we add novelties to the interior design. The strip looks very stylish. For example, if the ceilings are low, you can use wallpaper with a vertical stripe. It visually pulls the room in height. For small children, you can choose a wallpaper with a horizontal bar, due to which the room will become more visually. Dark shades in the interior is better not to use. Optimal: a combination of dark and light shades, or soft pastel shades.

Do you have any questions? We are ready to advise and help with the creation of a design of a children’s room for your child.

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