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Studio apartment. A little space and furniture-transformer?

Кухня гостиная минимализм декор встроенная техника деревобарная стойка вытяжка

Studio apartments are becoming more and more popular. Why is the trend not going down? After all, this format “holds” a wave of popularity is not the first year. And the whole thing in compactness, affordability and the availability of space for the flight of imagination. The design of a studio apartment is capable of creating incredible transformations, and this applies even to small apartments of 25 square meters. It would seem, where to “walk”? And there is where. And we are pleased to share the subtleties and tricks of the design of an apartment-studio.



Let’s start,the main thing: design project of a studio apartment

Do not rush to buy all sorts of decorative elements, beautiful lamps and attractive furniture. The design of a studio apartment doesn’t like a hurry, your main task: to correctly divide the functional areas, but not to clutter the room with unnecessary accessories and not to spoil the atmosphere with an unsuccessfully selected color scheme. The design of the project studio will give you the opportunity to think  about every step and do everything correctly.

Step 1

The choice of colors. Of course, if there are not so many square meters, the ideal option is the white color of the interior. It will visually expand the room, whereas the dark one will only “crush” and make the room visually much smaller than it actually is. For spacious studio apartments you can pick up bright colors and dark colors. The designer will do it competently, and each functional area in the room will be successfully combined with each other.



Step 2

Choose  accessories. And here’s a little trick: dark accessories against a light interior. It can be, for example, geometric frames made of metal or natural wood. The contrast of dark and light will give volume and depth.

Step 3

As much as possible mirror surfaces. Design studio apartments will never lose from the mirror surfaces. It is always stylish, expensive and rational, if the room does not indulge  extra square meters.

Step 4

Furniture transformer. Modern furniture manufacturers do not stop to please with new products in the form of furniture-transformers. There are very profitable solutions in the form of a wardrobe bed, which is optimally suitable for small-sized premises. And even if the studio apartment is spacious, why not save space and create a feeling of complete freedom? Minimalism  is in fashion, so you can now carefully look at the furniture-transformer.



Here are a few important tricks to create a proper and stylish design of an apartment-studio. Further more. If you have any questions, we are always ready to advise and create an exclusive design for your apartment.

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