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Interior Furniture 2017 and the soldiers of the terracotta army. What is common?

Not so long time  ago, a large exhibition Interior Furniture 2017  was held in Kiev. What was memorable? We will tell and demonstrate masterpieces of harmonious and exclusive interior.

The exhibition gathered everyone under one roof: from famous architects and designers, to those for whom interior decoration is just curiosity (after such an exhibition, curiosity necessarily turns into a desire to do something similar and even better).

The main feature of the exhibition is the Auditorium. It is not so easy to remember, but everyone who got into this space left with a portion of inexhaustible inspiration and a desire to create.

Lectures at the Auditorium were made by famous architects, designers and specialists from related fields. One of the speakers is the famous architect Oleg Volosovsky, the founder of LOFT BURO. The fact that Oleg manages to be realized in the interior with a team of specialists is unforgettable. These works are masterpieces. For example, one of the projects – the restaurant “CHI” in Kiev.

We do not want to speak a lot, so admire the 3D tour right now: carteblanche.ua. Up to 250 people worked at the construction site at the same time! Can you imagine the scale? By the way, the task: find the soldiers of the terracotta army. Hint: look at the floor. In China, there is only one master who has the right to make copies of these sculptures.

And here is another Kiev masterpiece in the style of steampunk. Go through the site and see the 3D tour, or even better – see it alive, if possible. One of the chips is the door opening mechanism. But if you wanted to use the toilet, it’s not so easy to get there, and it’s not so easy to get out. It will be necessary to do a series of manipulations to open and close the doors. This is not an ordinary lock. Although, at the request of the owners , the mechanism was simplified. It was feared that  this original approach would  be ended by kilometer-long line near the bathroom.

And another very important point for you to note! No matter how luxurious and original the interior is, it is important to make  the right lighting. Qualitatively exposed light can manifest the dignity of space, and hide the flaws. Nikolay Kabluka and his company expolight.net told more about this at the lecture.


And actually a few photos from the exhibition.