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Design project 3D – “live” picture of the future interior

In the bedroom, sleeping should be sweet, and reading a book should be inspiring. The time spent in the kitchen – in the pleasure, and rest in the living room – with the essential elements of complete relaxation. And we can continue this list for a long time, but we still come to the main conclusion: the interior of any room should be as comfortable as possible for you, and every element of the decor should be thought out to the smallest detail.

Author’s design project in 3D format is offered not by all studios, this part of the work is very hard, but as a result you will receive the most important thing:

  • A visual image of the elements of decor, zoning, planning, furniture arrangement
  • Combination of color solutions
  • The appropriateness of using one or another texture. For example, a matte surface can be much more advantageous than gloss. And you will see all this exactly in the 3D model, but you cannot get such an effect in the sketch.
  • Lighting elements and the actual effect when installing certain LED structures, lamps, etc.

Do you know what is the most important?

The design of the 3D project eliminates any errors and unnecessary costs. If you don’t want the intuitively selected lighting to turn out to be a false choice – you need 3D visualization. If you want to achieve the perfect texture in designs, furniture and decorative elements – you also can not do without 3D visualization.

We believe that mistakes in the design of interior design are unacceptable. First of all – for us. Working with every individual project, we must get to the point, and the final result should satisfy you completely.



What  can 3D design visualization?

 It completely “immerses” you into the atmosphere that will be created after the completion of the repair. You can doubt the choice of materials: natural stone or wood, glass or ceramics. There may be many options, but only 3D design will demonstrate the real effect that will be achieved upon completion of design and repair work. You will accurately choose the necessary material, and you will be able to see it in combination with other decorative elements and furniture.

After the “immersion” in the real atmosphere, you can begin to implement the design project in life.

Do you want to know more about 3D design? Call us, we are always ready to answer  your questions and proceed to the implementation of 3D design at any time.

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