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What do you need to look the first when you are designing a house?

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Why in one house do you want to stay as long as possible, and in the other do not want to be longer than 5 minutes? Everything is simple – the general atmosphere. And the basis for creating an atmosphere is home design.

  1. How are the zones distributed?
  2. How is every room decorated?
  3. What color range does prevail?

There are many nuances that are important to consider even at the design stage of a project design. The interior design of a home is a win if it can become the basis for a feeling of comfort. Yes, to be in the house should be comfortable as the owners and guests. Inside every individual room its own unique design, its own “soul”. There may be a design project where every room will be an absolutely free unit. And you can create a project where every room will stylistically overlap with others. It can be the same shades, the same or similar elements of decor. Everything that is in your mind and even seems impossible is actually possible. A competent designer knows how a design should look like for a specific object. You say your wishes, and the task of the specialists is to give it all a facet and provide the finished product.




One of the main criteria is parameters. How big is the house? The interior design of a country house, for example, per 100 sq.m. will be different from the design of the house at 500 sq.m. But this does not mean that a small house will be worse. No, even in a small country house you can make a real masterpiece.

Planning plays a huge role. Somewhere it gives the opportunity to “turn on” the flight of fancy, and somewhere – it puts restrictions. All this is seen at the design stage of the design project.

Take the example of a wooden house. What will look advantageous?

  • The combination of natural wood and stone
  • The decor can use wooden objects. But it is important not to overdo it. Total should be in moderation
  • “Game” with textiles. At the decoration stage, the specialists will make the best compositions for your home, taking into the design project and the overall concept.




The design of the house also takes into  the placement of communications, as well as household items. In order not to take up much space, all elements can be *hidden*. This solution looks aesthetically, and leaves more space for other items of interior. If you like minimalism – then just leave the space free.


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