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What is the modern design of commercial premises?

The purpose of the commercial premises “dictates” the features of the design. What is the size of the room? Special purpose? Number of employees and type of activity? This is how  questions look that you definitely need to answer yourself before you start developing a design project and the design work. Design project interior office can not be universal. It is created for a specific room, taking the functional features and technical parameters. Having a design project is a simplified repair process in the future. A professional team of builders will always be guided by the design of the project for further work.



Can we talk about rationality? Of course. The design of commercial premises is developed taking several  factors:

  • Understanding proper zoning: location of work areas
  • Proper lighting of each zone
  • Separate emphasis on recreation area
  • Location of technical objects
  • Placement of communications and equipment

But this does not mean that we “lose” the decoration questions. Decorating of  an office or any other commercial space is a business card of the company. Optimally, if the premises will be decorated in the colors of the company, which is found in different attributes of the company. Competent design always takes into the unique corporate style before starting to develop the design of the project and the selection of all necessary materials.



Stylish office interior design is often performed in the spirit of minimalism. Natural materials are very popular: natural stone, wood. If you want to make the room visually more spacious – use transparent glass partitions and decorative elements in light shades.

Color in the design of the office or any other room plays a huge role. It should not  be tiring. That is why you rarely see bright and “screaming” shades in the interior of commercial premises. The preference is given to calm tones. When developing a design project, a specialist will always help with the selection of the right color scheme. “Playing” with color is always right, if with a professional approach. Even at the design stage of the project, you can see the big picture and make the right decision.

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