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How does the high-quality design project begin?

Improving living space, the desire to improve the living area is an important part of a successful modern person. Buying a new apartment or repairing (arranging) an existing apartment begins with interior design, and interior design begins with the room layout. Proper planning solution is a guarantee of successful repair and comfortable living.

We define the main criteria that will help create an optimal space for living.
First you need to make a list of its parameters:

  • The area of ​​the object, with its measurements
  • Technical limitations of the facility (which cannot be demolished, dismantled (load-bearing walls, communications)
  • Number of people, how many of them are children
  • Lifestyle of residents (on weekdays, weekends, holidays)
  • The volume of stored items (clothing of different seasons, sports equipment, books, tools, etc.)
  • Pets

On this basis, determine the required number of rooms, zones, rooms in the apartment and their functions. Allocate the area of ​​the apartment between the functional areas in accordance with the lifestyle of its owns. Determine the optimal placement of furniture, appliances, plumbing according to the rules of ergonomics and the trajectory of moving around the apartment.