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Interior Designer Portfolio: A History of Unique Beauty

A bright portfolio of an interior designer is the best proof that one task (to make the room better!) Has an infinite number of solutions. In the architectural and design bureau, Chvizh Dmitriy is very pleased with  enthusiastic customers. Together with you we will develop the ideal concept, make your interior unique, delightful, luxurious! As a result, the client will always get what he wanted, and even more.

In each section of the portfolio you will see examples, photo albums, learn the history of the project, interesting details. And also be able to appreciate the global work that has been done to rebuild, decorate, complement the original version of the details.

The studio has developed dozens of complex concepts for:

  • Apartments of unique layout;
  • Houses of small and large areas;
  • Commercial building (clubs, restaurants, cafes, shops);
  • Offices and other business objects.

Behind each project is a multi-day hard work. Often it happens that the client changes the task,  when sees new perspectives when communicating with the designer. We will select the optimal layout, based on your desires, needs. Determine what engineering and technical work will be needed. Let’s discuss the general style of the room. Find the original details. And be sure  –  we will do it for your budget!

Luxury VIP-quality interior using natural, safe for health, aesthetic materials, technologies – this is the basis of any unique design. Every unusual detail (which, perhaps, initially even seemed superfluous!) begins a new life, becomes an ornament, a stylish “highlight”.

You will not need to deal with boring current problems: technical difficulties, the purchase of materials of good quality, control for the work of builders, endless minor troubles.

Your task is to dream and dream. The task of the bureau is to work and implement.

The portfolio of a professional designer has one significant “minus”: you always want to see more than what is posted on the site! In this bureau, new concepts are constantly being born, and, therefore, a new interior design, the portfolio is replenished with wonderful works, happy stories of incredible transformations.

Do you want to enjoy the luxurious interior every day? Change your house or apartment, order a full interior design from the architect-designer!