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Kitchen repair, what’s important to know

At all times, the kitchen was considered one of the most important premises in the home. The kitchen has always been associated with home, warmth and comfort.

Modern kitchen in addition to the functionality and technology should be beautiful, stylish and comfortable.



Repair stages

Kitchen repair can not be done without a thorough preparatory stage. All the complexity of the repair in the kitchen due to strict functional requirements for this room. Modern kitchen provides  the placement for a lot of equipment, which will be comfortable to use.

The whole repair process can be divided into three stages:

  • choice of design, concept of repair (capital, cosmetic, exclusive with the involvement of a professional interior designer), a design project with the layout of the room and placement on the plan of all communications and electrical leads.
  • preparatory stage. Stage of preparation of the premises for repair: dismantling of furniture, existing finishes and communications.
  • directly repair of the premises. Wiring communications, electricians, preparation and finishing of walls, laying flooring, as well as the installation of furniture and equipment.



Kitchen design project

Kitchen design depends on your imagination, stylistic and color preferences. In choosing the style of the kitchen, you need to understand the design of the entire apartment, but you can also mix, combine several styles, in the end get an exclusive, unique atmosphere. The main thing in the  unique design is not to forget about the convenience and functionality of furniture, as well as the placement of household appliances.

Selecting the color of the interior of the future kitchen it is necessary to think about the question of the color of kitchen furniture, home appliances and accessories. There are many materials for the manufacture of kitchen furniture. Furniture  is made of natural wood with stone or composite countertops is very popular, along with natural materials there are many budget materials for the manufacture of kitchen furniture (chipboard, MDF).



Important moments in the repair of the kitchen

  1. Making repairs in the kitchen already at the stage of communications routing, you need to know the size of the furniture and its content.
  2. In the design and placement of furniture it is necessary to know the stages of the repair. Kitchen equipment: cooker, sink, refrigerator, hood, and if there is the dishwasher – put in the special process: food keeping (refrigerator) – washing – cutting (work table) – cooker.
  3. At the design stage, it is important to carefully think about all electrics wiring, think about a load according to the type of equipment, determine the level of outputs and install sockets and switches.
  4. The kitchen is wet and the most polluted room, so the materials must be moisture resistant and easy to clean.
    All items must be thought  at the initial stage of repair – the stage of drawing up a design project.



P.S. Photos of interiors are taken from the Internet.

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