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Repair in the bedroom

A bedroom is not a “public” place in an apartment, there are no guests in it, no family gathers, it is a place for privacy. Therefore, its repair should be approached with great attention, and the design should be thought out taking all characteristics and habits of its owner.

In the bedroom, we mainly spend time alone, this is a place of relaxation, isolation, it should first of all be cozy and comfortable, and have an atmosphere to rest.

The ideal room for the bedroom is the bright spacious space of the correct form. In the scale of modern urban apartments, the bedroom often has additional functions: the placement of a workplace, a wardrobe, a library, these nuances make their adjustments to the interior design, making it more complex.

An important part in the repair of the bedroom is the quality and environmental friendliness of materials, the maximum use of natural materials.

As in the repair of any room, the work on the arrangement of the bedroom can be divided into specific stages. Strictly doing their sequence will help to achieve the desired result, avoid unforeseen mistakes and create a comfortable environment for recuperation.

Stages of the bedroom repair:

  1. Drawing up a design project.
    This stage begins with measurements and study of the premises. Next, select the style of the room, color solutions, distributed functional areas (workplace, wardrobe, dressing table). Detailed drawings are done for furniture, electrical wiring, the formation of the ceiling and plasterboard structures.
  1. Budgeting (repair budget). After choosing a bedroom design, furniture style, a list of necessary works and materials is formed.
  2. Preparatory stage. Carrying out all demolition work and removal of construction waste.
  3. Repair the premises. Installation of a group of civil constructions, preparation of walls, a ceiling for finishing. Decorative walls, floor installation, furniture installation, installation of lighting equipment, decor.

Regardless of the chosen style and color scheme, the main place in the bedroom is occupied by the bed (the mattress). The quality of your sleep and, accordingly, your mood during the day will depend on its quality. If there is an opportunity to test the mattress (lie on it) before you buy, then do not miss this opportunity!