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Provence in the interior

Provence style is the style of country houses, where the charm of rustic simplicity and comfort is embodied, but at the same time the spirit of aristocracy and elegance of a classic French house is preserved. Provence, or “French country”, a provincial style with Mediterranean notes which has the warmth of the southern sun.

Provence, called the region in the south of France, famous for its picturesque seascapes, the aroma of meadow flowers, spicy herbs and sunny streets became the coloristic and emotional basis of design trends. In the 17th century, the urban bourgeoisie began to settle in the remote provinces of France, inspired by the local beauty and measured rural life. People made their new village houses simply and elegantly at the same time; these were the first steps of the new stylistic movement.
In Europe, the style of the interior Provence gained popularity in the XIX century. First of all, he charmed with his atmosphere of simplicity, harmony and comfort, typical of the province. The aesthetics of the French country and today does not lose its popularity, delights many people with its unique relaxing, peaceful energy and light Mediterranean charm. Provence style is a great choice both for a country house and a modern city apartment.

Distinctive features of Provence in the interior:

  • The color scheme is distinguished by an abundance of light and warm, all shades are natural calming. The style of Provence is characterized by pastel palette, all colors are muted, slightly bleached, as if burned out in the sun.
  • main colors: white, cream, sand, dried clay, light blue, pale green, pistachio, lavender – all colors are soft and sensitive. Provence does not like bright, screaming, contrasting colors.materials and textures are extremely natural with a natural texture. Aged wood, forged metal, natural fabrics, matting, weaving from a rod.
  • walls. Plastering is the most common type of wall decoration in the style of Provence. Plaster is applied unevenly with rough roughness. Wallpaper for wall decoration is rarely used, often as an exception, for convenience and at the request of the owners. Wall-paper can be paper with imitation of a rough surface or with a stamping under plaster. Sometimes, in the decoration of the bedrooms is allowed wallpaper with a floral pattern or a strip. Also in the style of Provence, often for walls are used to a white board to finish the walls.
  • Provence ceilings are mostly white or in other light shades. If the height of the ceiling allows, use decorative ceiling beams, lined with wood not too dark tones.
  • the floor is tiled with stone, tiles and wooden planks. The tile is mainly light brown or terracotta with beveled corners with decorative inserts. Wooden flooring is left untouched or painted in calm non-catchy colors (beige, cream, light brown). For facing the floor in the style of Provence do not use parquet, laminate, linoleum and carpet.
  • Doors and windows – wooden, painted white. To give a special color, typical of Provence style, window frames and doors are artificially aged and decorated with floral painting. Interior doors are used with glass inserts for greater penetration of natural light.
  • Provence style furniture – elegant and functional. Made of light wood (walnut, chestnut, ash, oak) decorated with scuffs, patina and carvings. Often in the furniture there are wicker and forged items. For the Provence style, the most characteristic are drawers, leg-cupboards, chairs with carved decoration, the most common colors are grey and white. The upholstery of furniture, also, is in calm pastel shades with a small floral pattern or cell.
  • lighting. Elegant pendant lamps, chandeliers with fabric shades, forged hangers, wall lamps and floor lamps. Taboo – built-in spotlights and LED lights.
  • decor. A variety of porcelain figurines, decorative painted plates, wicker baskets and boxes, frames with family photos. Forged decorative elements: staircase railings, whatnot, mirror and clock frames. Special charm gives an abundance of flowers in the interior. Flowerpots with fresh flowers, pots with lavender, pictures of herbarium. Floral motif also occurs on drapes, tablecloths, pillows. Flowers characteristic of the Provence region: irises, poppies, sunflowers, lavender.
  • textiles occupies a special place, natural fabrics (cotton, linen, muslin and wool). The colors like in all the interior are calm, light, there is a floral pattern, a small cell and a stripe. In the decoration of windows using thin tulle, satin, chintz or beads. They give the interior a cozy bedspread and tablecloth with ruff, decorative pillows and woven mats.

The interior in Provence style will be appreciated by creative people with a calm disposition who like comfort and harmony. These interiors pacify, and the naturalness of light and colors set up a positive mood and inspiration.
Everybody can create an atmosphere of provenance in his home, it does not require redevelopment and major repairs. It is only necessary to add some characteristic elements and associations with the help of natural materials, natural fabrics and pastel colors.
Guided by the basic rules of style, you will organize a special cozy and quiet space for living and relaxing, which will delight and inspire you and your family.
P.S. Photos of interiors are taken from the Internet.