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Pop art in the interior

Pop art in the interior is one of the most vivid and interesting styles of interior. Recently, it is quite common, the style of pop art in interior design came from art, which was born in the 50s of the 20th century.
Literally, pop art translates as “popular art,” but because of its screaming colors and unusual interpretation, critics did not perceive art as a long time. But despite the condemnations and reviews, pop art quietly gained popularity, first in America and later in European countries. At the beginning, Pop Art could be found in the form of small paintings and figures, but later it gained momentum and became widely available – on wallpaper, in textiles and clothing, on posters, stickers and signs.

Pop art style is unusual shapes, expressive colors, original details. This style fills the interior with bright emotions, creating an extraordinary atmosphere of high spirits. The wave of feelings, energy, richness of colors and unique forms are the distinctive features of pop art in the interior. In this style ordinary things and materials create unique interiors!

The main features of the style of pop art in the interior

  • color. The interiors use saturated, rich colors: red, pink (all shades), coral, black, yellow, blue. White color is a background, balancing color. The color palette is not limited, also in the interiors of pop art will be appropriate to look neon, ultraviolet paint.
  • materials are different, both natural and artificial. This style is, in fact, not expensive, since plastic, synthetic, paper, metal, glass, as well as artificial leather and various imitations can be quite appropriately used.
  • walls. Wall decoration: painting decorated with contrasting graffiti or posters; textured plaster; wallpaper or even newspaper clippings.
  • The ceiling will suit both multi-level and single-level. Hanging, stretching or simply painted options may be different depending on the overall scenario of the interior.
  • floor is neutral, most often light colors without bright textures, laminate or carpet will work well. Making an accent on the floor – lay carpets with a geometric pattern, as well as stylized as natural skins of zebra and other exotic animals.
  • furniture. Furniture is characterized by unusual shapes, smooth textures and rich colors. Not rarely used transforming furniture, colored small sofas, soft puffs, low tables, bright plastic chairs of complex shape.
  • lighting. Spectacular colored ceiling lamps, spotlights, LED and neon lights with different color modes.
  • decor. The interior decor has a special role. There are necessarily pictures and posters of pop art on the walls, a portrait of Merlin Monroe, especially popular in pop art, and other images of the stars of that era. Unusual sculptures and figures, as well as vases and bottles, are characteristic of the stream. The decor is performed in an acid scale. Complement the furnishings with bright elements, pillows, curtains and carpets.

Definitely to say that pop art in the interior is in demand today – it is difficult. Pop-art style is in demand, mainly among young people and creative people, these interiors for individuals who live beyond stereotypes. The interior pop art has expression, freedom of thought and independence from universal opinions.
Pop art has bright colors, a lot of color decor and all kinds of posters, many children like it. But this interior of a children’s room will not suit every child, first of all, it is necessary to understand the temperament of its future owner.

Pop art is an emotional and demonstrative style, it is saturated, so its atmosphere is quite specific. Before the interior in the style of pop art to realize, it is important to analyze whether it corresponds to the emotional state and whether it will be comfortable for one or another person to live in it.

P.S. Photos of interiors taken from the Internet