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Scandinavian style in the interior

Scandinavian style as a direction in interior design appeared in the late 50s in the Nordic countries. The main features of the Scandinavian style are simplicity, conciseness and functionality.
The success of Scandinavian interior design is due to the unique combination of environmental friendliness of natural textures with the purity of ascetic space. The beauty and charm of the style is borrowed from the Scandinavian nature, its climate features.

In response to long winters and a small amount of sunshine, Scandinavian designers began to design light, bright interiors with open rational spaces.
This concept of a cozy, but at the same time quite modest design, living space has become relevant for our latitudes. The versatility, ease, pragmatism of the Scandinavian style also attracts with its accessibility in terms of the form of furniture, decoration materials and decor.

Comfortable, discreet and at the same time spacious and uncrowded, this style fits perfectly both in large mansions and in small apartments.

The main features of the Scandinavian style:

  • white color – as a basis! The color of the Scandinavian interior is always filled with an abundance of white color, it is its business card, without it the interior will no longer be Scandinavian. To give coziness, white is complemented with beige shades, pale yellow, or vice versa, add cool tones (blue, shades of gray, blue). The accents
  • basic materials and textures. Scandinavian style has natural materials, primarily wood. In addition to wood, they use natural stone, ceramics, metal, glass, leather, natural fabrics, fur, and leather.
  • Furniture – simple and concise, functional and ergonomic, without bulky decor. Furniture in the Scandinavian style: transforming sofas, stylish open shelving, minimalistic coffee tables, all possible modular designs. The forms are simple – moderate dimensions.
  • walls are almost always white, they are the background and visually expand the space. The texture of the walls: plaster, paper wallpaper for painting, in the form of an accent, decorative brickwork painted white.
  • The ceiling is mostly white, if the height of the room allows, sometimes decorated with wooden beams.
  • floor. In Scandinavian interiors is a lot of natural wood, the floor is no exception. Basically, parquet, flooring or laminate of light colors with a pronounced texture.
  • lighting. Difficult multi-level lighting, various spots, lamps, floor lamps, often use LED backlights.
  • natural textiles: flax, cotton, jute. Window framing is minimal, thick curtains replace compact Roman curtains, light translucent curtains may be missing or have a decorative character, based on the sides of the windows. Rough-woven mats, patchwork rugs, long-pile carpets are put on the floor. Textiles are also like the form of decorative pillows and rugs.
  • decor. In the interior, a large number of ornamental plants in vases and flowerpots are used as decor, they are placed on window sills, shelves and tables. The walls are decorated with paintings or posters with plant, animal or marine themes. In the decoration of the Scandinavian interior using ceramic and china, mirrors, fur accessories, candles, designer lamps. The main rule – the decor should not be much! The Scandinavian interior in no case should not be overloaded.

The interior in the Scandinavian style is thoughtful, practical, quite minimalistic, it adapts to its owners. This style is interesting for its simple solutions that allow you to properly construct a space while not cluttering it.

The aesthetics of the Scandinavian interior will suit those who appreciate the warmth and comfort of home furnishings, the immediacy and practicality of forms and elements. Scandinavian design is  a special atmosphere of lightness, light  and serenity.

P.S. Photos of interiors are taken from the Internet.