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Moroccan style in the interior

Moroccan style in the interior is one of the most beloved and popular national styles, it can be found around the world. It contains an exotic cocktail of oriental flavor of North Africa and the Mediterranean countries of Europe. In the interior: blue, turquoise, yellow, red, black.



The beginning of its formation is the time of the English and French colonies, under their influence the Eastern understanding of the beautiful merged with European aesthetics. In the Moroccan style, Arabic, African and Mediterranean motifs can be traced; there are no standard solutions in it, it is diverse, bright and colorful at the same time.



The main features of the Moroccan style:

  • bright colors. Color is one of the main features of the style, thanks to it, it is recognizable and loved. The basic color in the Moroccan interior is white, beige, sand, is the background and its foundation. Accent colors are taken from nature and symbolize African nature. Red, orange, terracotta – sunset colors. Cobalt, ultramarine, emerald green, blue are shades of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Brown, earthy tones – proximity to nature, shades of gold, bronze and silver – endless sandy deserts.



  • architectural forms and elements. Arched windows and doors of dome-shaped pointed shape, as well as wall niches, repeating their silhouette.
  • a fireplace or fireplace imitation is an integral part of the Moroccan interior.
  • ceramic tile and mosaic. Moroccan tiles with traditional ornaments are used on the floor, kitchen apron, also present in the decoration of tables and fireplaces.
  • furniture, with elements of carving made of exotic woods: coffee tables, all kinds of dressers, intricate chairs. Furniture in the Moroccan style is characterized by an abundance of decor and small details: pearl, mosaic, wrought iron elements, upholstery of rich shades of natural fabrics, leather. Sofas, armchairs, footstools have a low seating position, supplemented by a large number of decorative pillows.



  • walls. In the decoration of the walls prefer light colors with a light texture: decorative plaster, wallpaper for painting less than wallpaper with a small pattern.
  • Moroccan style ceilings can be different. If the height of the ceiling allows, it is decorated with wooden beams, ornaments, carved elements or even with stucco.
  • floor. Tiles with ornaments or wood (laminate, parquet), the obligatory presence of a bright oriental carpet with geometric or floral ornaments.
  • lighting. The visiting card of the Moroccan style is a variety of chandeliers, lamps, bras and bras inlaid with colored glass and pearl, which gives the interior an incredible atmosphere.



  • decor. Bright woolen carpets, mirrors in brass frames, a variety of metal vases and vessels, chased trays, leather-lined suitcases.
  • textiles. Multi-layer curtains made of natural cotton or silk, a lot of hand-made pillows (various in color and texture) often decorate the ceiling with textiles, and canopies above the beds.



Moroccan style is distinguished by brave forms, sensual texture, bright colors, ornate furniture and rich decor in it combines the atmosphere of European and Eastern countries. This style is for admirers of oriental motifs and rich colors, for romantics and travelers.

You dream to create an original colorful interior, to bring into your home a unique atmosphere of comfort – stop the choice on an exotic Moroccan style!

P.S. Photos of interiors are taken from the Internet.

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