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Glamor in the interior

Glamor as an interior style is often confused with the general concept of a given term, which has been reinforced by a lot of stereotypes and prejudices. That’s why not many people use glamor in the interior, often the society perceives it as something tasteless and coarse. After all, as a matter of fact, the magnificent decoration and artsy decor at all times have been used in different interior styles, and it is the glamorous themes in the interior that are most vivid and attractive. There is a common misconception that the glamorous interior must be pink, but this is nothing more than a cliché imposed on foreign pop music. In this style, it is possible to use a variety of color schemes from beige-golden to strict black and white compositions.



The word “glamor” is translated as “luxury, charm”, this style will always emphasize the status of its owners, as it is always chic with a fashionable glitter. In the interior there is furniture and decor extremely high quality and correspond to the latest fashion trends, which makes it status and expensive.



Characteristic features of glamor style:

  • Diversity and variety of textures. The interior welcomes a variety of furs, the skin of exotic animals, animal prints, an abundance of brilliant, shimmering crystal, rhinestones and pearls.
  • Gloss and mirrors. The glamorous interior is always replete with all kinds of chrome, gold and silver elements. Parade space is created by mirrors with facets and glossy surfaces.
  • Coloring. The most frequently encountered are bright contrasting colors that are popular: white, sand, chocolate, red, magenta, and, of course, black.
  • Walls. Wall decoration plays an important role in the construction of the entire interior, it can be silk wallpaper with a large pattern or with smooth color transitions. Also, the walls are decorated with leather, vinyl wallpaper, textiles.
  • Floor. Parquet or laminate wood, not rarely, polished stone, glossy tiles, self-leveling floor with a fancy pattern. It is necessary to give solemnity and elegance of the room to put a carpet with a contrasting pattern or high pile, often the carpet is replaced with the skin of animals.
  • Ceiling. Pompousness and saturation of the interior complement the multi-level ceiling, with elements of stucco and wide moldings.
  • Lighting. A characteristic feature of the glamor style is the diversity and luxury of lighting elements. This applies, first of all, to the ceiling chandeliers: massive, large sizes, decorated with crystal and rhinestones, often with dark fabric shades. In addition, floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps are placed, and the ceiling complexity is emphasized by LED lighting.
  • Furniture can be diverse, but mostly to classical motives. Lush quilted sofas, armchairs, headboards with gold, silver, purple upholstery or under the skins of animals (zebra, leopard, giraffe). Cabinets,  dressers with elements of thread, have mirror facades, handles inlaid with rhinestones and crystal.
  • Decor. The final touch in the glamorous interior is a balanced, skillfully chosen decor: frames in rhinestones, chrome or gold-plated wall clocks, elegant figurines, floor and table vases, candles with rhinestones, crystal boxes, and exquisite screens.
  • Textiles. Chic bedspreads, trimmed with massive tassels and beads, lush curtains with fringe, many pillows with embroidery or rhinestones. Such materials as: satin, silk, velor, velvet, suede prevail. In order for these materials to be properly combined, it is necessary to use the correct balance of gloss and color depth – in one room there is one textile with glitter, and all the rest are textured with more soothing tones.



In general, glamor, as the style in the interior has no clear rules and boundaries. In the glamor style it is possible to combine elements of different styles: classical, art deco, retro, fusion, but first of all, this style is a reflection of modernity, this is the style of mood, the style of ceremonial and beauty.



Of course, the glamor style is not suitable for everyone, but for girls, women for whom self-expression and precise adherence to fashion is an integral part of their life, this stylistic direction will become the most logical and interesting. Design in the interior as a style of dressing or the status of the machine must fully comply with and characterize the person as a whole.

P.S. Photos of interiors are taken from the Internet.

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