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Modern in the interior

Often, because of the name, the modern style in the interior is confused with the modern style, initially mixing the fundamental concepts. Though literally “modern” is translated as “modern”, it has nothing to do with modern trends in design and architecture.
The main distinguishing feature of the Modern style is the absence of straight lines, strict forms and clear symmetry. Smooth curved silhouettes prevail, central-axial compositions are partially or completely absent. The use of a large amount of glass and porcelain in the modern (stained glass, mosaics) create an atmosphere of charming elegance and chic. The ease of floristic motifs and silhouettes is emphasized by coarse massive materials – metal, wood. The proportional participation of polar materials in the interior can be different, both metal and glass, wood, and stone can prevail.
The presence of streamlined shapes, plant patterns and smooth lines in the interior is limited to the purely space-planning solution of the room and its technical characteristics.



The Modern style in the interior originated at the turn of the centuries, therefore it combines the classical techniques of creating an artistic atmosphere with a modern-technical approach of functional fullness.
The abundance of smooth forms creates a special mythical atmosphere in the interior. The tricky Modern style is in the balance of curved forms and floreal motifs in the format of a complete lack of symmetry and structure. The ideal of modernity is to preserve the integrity of the composition of the sinuous and arcuate elements by means of a non-standard approach to the design of the interior as a whole.



Characteristic features of the Modern style:

  • smooth, ornate lines, lack of symmetry;
  • in the furniture and decor, plant themes dominate – streamlined shapes, curved lines;
  • prevalence of wood in the interior, wood is used in natural colors;
  • use of coarse materials: metal, stone;
  • presence of glass and porcelain: stained glass windows and mosaics with a plant theme are used to decorate the ceiling, doors, partitions and lamps;
  • forged items as an addition to the interior: stairs, railings, accessories for the fireplace, headboard, window decoration and decorative elements;
  • limited use of textiles, exclusively for the purpose (curtains, upholstery and cushions);
  • color scale quiet restrained tones: creamy, sandy, pearl, cream, peach. Light tones are used to increase the space; the thinner and delicate the shade, the more precisely the basic idea of ​​the interior in the modern style will be realized;
  • lamps in the modernist style use both practical and decorative ones, the main function is performed by chandeliers and point light, an additional decorative function – wall lamps and floor lamps. Lighting elements can be made of wood, porcelain, glass, as well as have forged elements;




To create a high-quality interior in Modern style, you need a room with a large area, so the curved lines and the abundance of ornate decor take up a lot of space. An additional sensation of space and volume is achieved due to the light colors and the abundance of glass, openwork elements. For modern, non-standard layout of the room is a great opportunity to show oneself in all its glory; its main advantage is the absence of strict geometric shapes. Proper use of the modern style can correct the flaws of the layout, it is beneficial to emphasize the irregular shapes of the rooms, irregularities in the plane of the walls and ceiling. This style will be loved by supporters of classic trends, connoisseurs of flowing spaces, smooth lines and floral motifs.



Designing an interior in modern style is not  difficult. The main thing to remember is that this design direction has a special decorative effect, elegance and aristocracy. The main thing is to clearly feel the balance, to verify the proportion and relevance of all the elements, otherwise the interior will look like a caricature, a farce.

P.S. Photos of interiors are taken from the Internet.

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