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Art Deco Interior

Art Deco is a unique direction in interior design, its ideology is built on a combination of luxurious decorations with a touch of antiquity and subtle notes of ethnic. The interior in the art deco style always looks elegant, exclusive and at the same time, modern. The main methods of direction – the use of contrasting shapes and clear geometry. Style is characterized by the use of natural and expensive materials, all elements must be of high quality and refined at the same time. Thus, the interior in the art deco style is sophisticated and practical.



Also the direction is characterized by a variety of elements. Plant natural motifs, are used quite rarely – abstract, geometric, decorative elements prevail. The main highlight of Art Deco is the taste of pathos, officialdom. That is why the interior design in the Art deco style is most often chosen by public people who live on the show – politicians, actors, artists and just creative people with a delicate refined taste.



Distinctive features of the interior designed in Art Deco style:

  • luxury design. The use of expensive finishing materials (marble, leather, velvet, mahogany, metal, glass, natural fur, silk);
  • flicker and shine. Active use of gold-plated, copper and chrome parts in the interior. Everything shines, starting from coatings with glossy paint and varnish, and ending with metal, polished wood and mirrors;
  • interior functionality, symmetrical layout;
  • strict geometric pattern: thin, wide strip, repeating circles, diamonds or squares;
  • original solid furniture. Furniture is made of natural wood, often of exotic breeds with stylish metal handles, mirror inserts with clear geometric shapes. Mainly in the interior of Art Deco furniture is in black, dark brown or white colors;
  • color range, often black and white, combined with elegant shades of gray, burgundy, emerald, blue with the obligatory use of gold, copper or silver. In private areas dominate a range of calmer colors: chocolate, pearl and beige;
  • flooring – glossy tiles, lacquered parquet flooring, marble;
  • the ceiling is a multi-level, stepped, underlined lighting;
  • bright massive lighting: chic chandeliers, floor lamps with textile lampshades, refined sconces and candelabra.
  • decorative elements in the form of bends, lines, zigzags – are in furniture, wall and floor decoration.
  • textiles are one of the main decorations of this interior, using exquisite fabrics: satin, silk, velvet, satin. Textiles on windows, furniture and lampshades should be combined, it is not uncommon to use the same material.
  • decor: mirrors, clocks, various figurines, screens, paintings and photos of geographical or animalistic content.



The art deco style in the interior combines different directions: the ornamental art of African tribes, the Greek archaic, Egyptian motifs, notes of the Empire style, pomp of neoclassicism. Art Deco managed to do the immensity, and that’s why interest in it does not fade until now!

In general, Art Deco looks extravagant, expensive, elegant, elegant, elite, “fat.” The combination of classic and simple geometric shapes in the frame of modern finishing materials makes the interior fashionable, stylish and relevant for many years.

P.S. Photos of interiors are taken from the Internet.

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