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Eclectic in the interior

Eclecticism in the interior is a style of combination, competent combination of the best details of several interior styles. Modern eclecticism is a generalized concept in design, it is used in order to create a truly unique isolated space. The design of interiors often combines various, often opposites in style elements, and these interiors are called eclectic.
In eclecticism can be built a tandem of various styles: classic, ethno, arte-deco, minimalism, retro and others, this makes it possible to achieve amazing results.
Does this mean that you can randomly mix any styles and genres and call the result eclecticism in the interior? As with any interior style in eclecticism has its own rules. This style is one of difficult, because in addition to following its principles, it is necessary to have a sense of proportion so that the interior will not turn into tasteless chaos.



Main features:

  • walls of light neutral tones for eclectic furniture are the background.
  • The main colors of furniture and decor can be quite bright, the number should not exceed 5 colors.
  • bright graphic patterns and patterns (stripes, zigzags, circles) are often used in furniture and textiles.
  • add oriental motifs – bedspreads and carpets, bright textiles.
  • a combination of modern and classical with the condition of adherence to the ergonomics and functionality of the space.
  • a large number of decorations: paintings, pillows, vases, jewelry boxes, statues, flowers.


The furniture for the interior in eclectic style is chosen very carefully, as it plays an important role in the construction of the space, which is supplemented by the other decorative elements. Sofas, chairs and other furniture in the first place should be comfortable and convenient. Furniture can be different styles, including antique.



Upholstered, cabinet furniture, textiles and decorative items should be subject to the same idea. Combining elements of different stylistic directions, interweaving moods of different eras give the eclectic interior a special charm and luxury. The main condition is to link all the pieces of furniture into a single ensemble by repeating colors and textures. For example, at one table can be modern designer and vintage chairs, which are combined with each other in color. So in the living room, different style armchairs and a sofa can be put together by bright upholstery or pillows with a similar pattern



In an eclectic interior they use contrasting, bright, natural colors, against the background of soothing light walls and ceilings. There are no clear color canons in eclecticism, it all depends on personal preferences. Color helps to link complex non-compatible items, so the gamma can be both bright and pastel.


Walls and floors

The flooring is parquet or tile. The tile can be with an oriental pattern or a classic ornament. Often the floors are covered with carpets, the pattern can be classic or modern, the main thing is to combine with the general idea of the interior.
Wall decoration – wallpaper with a glossy silk texture, often with a floral or geometric pattern, sometimes with oriental notes.



Draperies and decor

The decor of the windows and the textile decoration of the interior in eclectic style is performed quite luxuriantly and richly. Curtains of deep saturated colors, trimmed with fringe, beads, tassels and decorative plaits. Bedspreads and curtains with a bright pattern, furniture of different styles and eras can have the same upholstery.
In eclecticism there is a variety of decor, it can be works of art and photo printing, wicker and porcelain vases, decorative frames and baguettes, lamps and floor lamps with lampshades of various shapes and textures. The decor is an important component of the interior, it can be different styles, the main thing in the pursuit of a striking interior is not to lose harmony, comfort and coziness of the living space.
The flat design in the eclectic style is suitable for independent, free-thinking people, for adventure travelers, as well as for connoisseurs of vintage gizmos. Eclectic design – lives and changes, reflecting the new emotions and passions of its inhabitants, it adapts well to the influence of changeable fashion. It is always easy to add something new to a mixed interior, be it a Moroccan souvenir or a futuristic chair that has become fashionable, or maybe a classic floor lamp! Throwing away the strict stylistic boundaries, a unique individual style is born that exactly corresponds to the mood of its inhabitants!
In general, eclecticism is an interior design where vintage furniture get along with minimalist elements, and vice versa, all colors and textures are tangled in it and are richly seasoned with various decorations. Eclectic interiors are always bright, eccentric, imbued with the spirit of different eras.

P.S. Photos of interiors are taken from the Internet.



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