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Shebbi-chic in the interior

Shebbi-chic as a style in the interior appeared in the late 80s, its name literally translates as “shabby chic”. This style, imbued with the unique atmosphere of romanticism, comfort and elegance, it combines old and new elements of furniture and decor. Shebbi-chic style is suitable for fine romantic people, for lovers of antiques and hand-made.



Shebbi-chic style was born thanks to Englishwoman Rachel Asheville, who began with the restoration of furniture from flea markets, attics and basements. She gave a new life to good old dressers, cabinets and other things which were important for her heart, but at the same time she retained the inherent spirit of antiquity. This furniture has become interesting for many fans of authentic interior elements. Later, interiors began to appear, built on a combination of luxurious vintage items with artificially aged new details, complemented by textiles made of natural fabrics, which were called Chebbi-chic.



Characteristic features of Chebbi-chic style:

  • color palette mainly pastel colors: various shades of blue, pink, peach, beige, white.
  • shebbi-chic does not allow simple strict forms
  • furniture with the effect of using, with a touch of antiquity of any stylistic direction
  • antiques (furniture, decor, textiles)
  • often use floral patterns, they can find a place from walls and curtains to small boxes, decorative plates and panels.
  • a lot of hand-made: painted caskets, all sorts of figures decorated in decoupage style, covered patchwork, lace knitted napkins and tablecloths with lace.
  • textiles are an integral part of the interior in the chebbi-chic style. These are curtains, various bedspreads and furniture covers, as well as canopies and decorative pillows.



The color scheme of the Chebbi-chic style is a light, calm palette of pastel colors, does not tolerate bright, screaming colors. Pale pink, dull green, sky blue, light yellow, pale purple, beige, white, all these colors can interlace with each other and flow from one room to another.

Decorating the walls in the interior of the chebbi-chic is always in bright colors, according to the technique of applying it is uneven plastering, painting or even whitewashing the walls. Also appropriate for this style may be wallpaper with a small floral pattern, mostly roses or peonies. The flooring is natural wood, plain tiles, in the bedrooms and living rooms use small textile or vintage rugs.

On the ceiling in the interior of the chebbi-chic there can be beams or even stucco, and the color is predominantly white.



Furniture is importance in creating of an atmosphere of Chebbi-chic style. Furniture must be vintage or artificially aged, with the effect of using. Modern furniture for the chebbi-chic style is carefully decorated and prepared in various ways, from the craquelure and patination method to the decoupage and plaster moldings. In the living rooms and dining rooms, the presence of a cupboard with glass doors, filled with vintage service.

Upholstered furniture (sofas, armchairs) are covered with plain covers or bedspreads, complemented by decorative pillows with a small floral ornament or a small pale cell. For the living room, they often use a combination of a monophonic sofa and several chairs of a different color and style, all of which are combined with textiles (pillows, bedspreads). In the bedrooms to create a special atmosphere of elegance and comfort using wrought-iron beds, painted in bright colors. The advantage of this bed, of course, – its visual lightness, the bed looks elegant and does not clutter the space.



Textiles in the interior of the chebbi-chic have an important role. Textiles are used in decorating windows ,furniture, and are often used like an independent  element.

  • Classical curtains
  • textile color is monophonic or with a floral pattern, mostly floral, less often a small cell and strip are used.
  • Frayed vintage carpets or wicker mats will emphasize the comfort of this style.
  • tablecloths with hand embroidery and lace, knitted napkins and bedspreads are an integral part of the chebbi-chic style
  • a variety of decorative pillows on the sofa, bed, chair will support the atmosphere of romance.



Chebbi-chic interior will be a non-standard and interesting solution for a thin, flirtatious and elegant interior. Given the variety of decor and textiles on the background of fairly sophisticated furniture, the space in the style of shebby-chic will be harmonious and cozy with a unique atmosphere.

P.S. Photos of interiors are taken from the Internet.


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