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Neoclassical interior

Neoclassicism in the interior is a style for people who like timeless things that value space, lightness and comfort. Neoclassicism is symmetrical planning solutions, not overloaded with furniture, dressed in discreet pastel colors, without screaming accents, decorative elements. This is a style where classical principles are mixed with modern technologies and materials.



The main signs of neoclassicism are bright soothing colors, sophisticated wooden furniture with elements of classics located symmetrically, as a rule, a fireplace or its imitation. The mood of the interior is complemented by delicate wooden partitions.

Wall decoration – painting or wallpaper, mainly beige, cream or light shades of blue, pistachio, lilac. The floor coverings are mostly light tones with a low-key texture, the ceilings are white in one level, framed with a wide frieze. Doors preferably paneled painted in light colors or in the color of the walls.



Refinement to the interior is added by the neat inclusions of classic details in the form of discreet stucco, wall moldings or panels, mirrors in elegant frames.

Chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps are arranged according to classical canons. The windows are framed by long thick curtains and curtains.

This style perfectly “lays down” in spacious rooms with high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows. The layout of the apartment or house in the neoclassical style is built mainly from the living room, to expand the space, some openings are made in the form of arches.



In fact, neoclassicism is a lightweight classic, “modernized” due to the harmonious combination of laconic forms with sophisticated elements of antiquity.

The superiority of the neoclassical style in the interior over the classical styles is the absence of strict requirements for decoration, texture, and decor.

P.S. Photos of interiors are taken from the Internet.


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