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Project Embankment Quarter

Apartment design 120 square meters for a young family of three. Work on the design of the apartment began at the stage of building a house, and the main task was to create a functional area and find the best planning solution. All partitions incorporated in the project were erected before putting the house into operation, which made it possible to do without such a labor-intensive stage as dismantling. In the tastes, the customer focused on cozy minimalism and comfortable simplicity; the favorite picture of the customer and the handmade carpet became the starting point of the interior.

The layout of the apartment is divided into three functional areas: an entrance group with an entrance hall, a spacious storage room, a guest bathroom with a shower and a laundry room; public space with a living room and a kitchen-dining room; a private block, which includes the bedroom ,a wardrobe, a children room and a bathroom

The main idea of this project was to create an airy open space filled with light, soul, comfort and warmth. The textures of white, gray and beige plaster on the walls are successfully combined with the texture of wood on the wall panels and glossy almost mirrored facades of furniture. The sliding panel between the living room and the kitchen allows you to transform the space: to combine or zone. The division of space into zones is supported by different textures on the floor, various types of lighting. In general, the space is filled with all the necessary functions for a comfortable life and rest.