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Architecture –    the design of private houses – is not only a beautiful look, but also a competent planning solution.

Draft design (DD):

Pre-project proposal for the customer in accordance with the specifications.

  • General layout diagram
  • Floor Plans
  • 3D visualization
  • Facades

Project proposal (PP):

  • Master Plan
  • Passport of the facade
  • Facades in axles
  • Planning solutions
  • General building views

Working project (WD):


Master Plan: Linking the Designed Building and Structures of the LFA at the Site, Driveways, Sites, TEP, Landscaping


Architectural solutions: passport of the facade, facades in the axes, layouts with explication of the premises, sections for the designed building


Reinforced concrete or metal structures: foundations, floors, monolithic belts, stair constructions, etc.


Technological part of the project: plans for the placement of furniture and equipment, specification of equipment and installation devices


Heating and ventilation: plans for the placement of heating and ventilation equipment, specification of installation equipment and materials


Domestic plumbing and sewage: wiring network plans, specification of installation equipment and materials


Electrical solutions: basic and single-line power supply schemes, electrical equipment layout plans (sockets, lighting, electrical panels), material specification.