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Order a design


The client asked for help to complete the repair of the apartment. At the time of meeting with the object were ready: the walls, laid parquet, installed  doors, bathrooms, and a part of the kitchen was decorated with ceramic tiles.

Tile of the kitchen area and became a “stumbling block” in  the construction process. The customer is in a long business trip in Washington with his family, his father in Kiev, manages the repair of the apartment and the selection of materials. At this stage, it was decided to ask for help from the designer, it was a late right decision!

Customer’s style preferences are neoclassic, Scandinavian style and modern trends in interior design. Already at the beginning of the work, according to the first sketches, it became clear that the arrangement of the furniture would be changed, and  the connection of electrical leads, outlets, switches. It is necessary to make ceiling drops in certain areas: above kitchen modules, in the hallway for wardrobe closets, to form new niches for curtains. Fix plumbing fixtures in one of the bathrooms.

All these mistakes could be avoided by developing a design project before the start of construction work. Many  not considered parts at the beginning of the repair – to the middle of the construction process  – lead to many unsolved, unpredictable issues. High-quality thoughtful design project saves time and effort, and also guarantees the expected result, which will please many years

P.S. This project is an example of high-quality work of the designer in tandem with the customer, despite the distance, different time zones and no personal meetings. Such conditions of cooperation scare many people, but modern communication (e-mail, viber, skype, Internet) allow you to solve any questions without problems. The most important is the initial data (competent measurements of the object with reference to all communications and features of the room), correctly set tasks and vectors for their solution and you can start to work!

The project has been done  in a clear sequence, with all  rules and regulations. Furniture, decoration materials and colors were selected, coordinated by the vendor code and color cards (Ral, Pantone, NCS).