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Order a design


This is an effective loft with panoramic windows and a male character.

Apartment 82 sq.m. in the residential complex “Panorama” was designed for an active and perspective young man. The task was to design a brutal and at the same time elegant interior.

The open layout and plenty of natural light allowed the interior to be done in a rather dark color scheme  The use of deep colors and various textures (concrete, wood, metal, fur) gave the interior a special mood. Diverse lighting zones  creates a relaxed atmosphere.

The only separate room in the apartment is a bedroom, it is separated from the common space of the apartment and has an intimate character.

The Bedroom with a magnificent view, and with a luxurious interior. Its interior is different from the general style of the apartment, it is more refined, bohemian. The bedroom is a place of solitude and relaxation, therefore, at the request of the customer, rough loft materials and textures were not used in the decoration. With the general style of the apartment it combines only the color scheme and a few decorative elements.

In addition to traditional loft techniques in the apartment, there are elements of art deco and minimalism, so thanks to the combination of materials, furniture and decor, the space turned out to be interesting and memorable.