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Royal Cottage

Order a design

Royal Cottage

The sketch of a country one-storied house (250 m2) in a classic style with a front portal and a rotunda.

At the beginning of the design, the customer did not have a clear understanding of the style of the future home, the main wish was to create something impressive, solid and chic, but the structure must be on one level. After going through a lot of stylistic options, the choice was focused on time-tested classics. Classic is always luxurious and beautiful! No matter how the fashion changes, this house will remain timeless.

The planning structure of the house in the classical traditions is the central-axial, has verified accurate proportions, which can be seen in the symmetry of the facade. The main entrance of the house is made concisely, its arched silhouette with a stained-glass rosette in tandem with French windows from the floor creates a complete architectural image. From the side of the garden (backyard) a method was used such as joining a rotunda with columns. This architectural method was combined with a rectangular pool –   associated with the Versailles Garden.

For the exterior of the house, light marble with rust  in combination with columns, decorated with a classical order and completed with a massive cornice, and decorative balusters and flowerpots –  complete all architectural composition.