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Name: Pogrebok

Area: 110 m2

Location: Dnipro

Design Year: 2016

Year of realization: 2016

The interior design of the wine cellar is a very interesting task. From the dark, faceless room of the existing basement, it was necessary to create not just a place for storing bottles with a precious drink, but also a place for  private conversations.

The specificity of the microclimate of the room dictates its own rules when choosing finishing materials. All surfaces in the room are finished: stone, brick, noble wood with elements of forged metal. Storage systems: wine cabinets and shelves are made of solid wood, racks for wine barrels are reinforced with a metal frame. All this is located along the walls. Walls are an additional support for massive shelving.

Particular attention is paid to the design of the ceiling. The complex shape of the ceiling in the form of a vault creates a special charming atmosphere. The lighting of the wine cellar is provided in the form of a point illumination along the wine racks, as well as small ceiling lights. This lighting scenario creates a pleasant atmosphere of mystery and at the same time convenient for finding the necessary bottle of wine.

The cellar was not overloaded with decorative elements, because its main decoration is its contents!