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Title: Plaid

Area: 120 m2

Location: Dnipro

Design Year: 2016

Stage: Sketch

The design concept of the interior of the cafe, located in the historic center of Dnipro. This place is located on the first floor of a building built in the early twentieth century. The main advantage of buildings of those times is the impressive height of its ceilings, which gives the room a special volume and space.

The main goal of the project was to create a simple and elegant interior, to emphasize the spirit of the time, the individuality of the building. Create a place that reveals its character gradually, attract to visit it again and again. After all, the main thing for a cafe is not only delicious cuisine, but also an unforgettable atmosphere.

Properly selected lighting, its various modes fills the interior with a feeling of comfort. The contrasting color solution in tandem with the texture of authentic Yekaterinoslav brick creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere. Proper division into zones in tandem with ergonomic design technology made it possible to conveniently place the maximum number of seats in a small area.

The combination of different style furniture against the background of rough brick texture in combination with beige and blue  create a place of solitude in a lively city landscape. Such a stylistic fusion at the same time elegant and discreet, modern and a little old-fashioned creates the impression of a pleasant place for any visitor.