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Reconstruction of the toilets of the shopping mall "Most City"

“Most City” is the largest shopping and entertainment complex in the heart of Dnipro. This is a large  community center, which is visited daily by thousands of citizens and guests of the city. In such places, a huge gathering of people, the important role plays  the high-quality competently executed public toilets.

The speciality of the bathroom reconstruction project in the Most City shopping and entertainment complex was to expand the area and increase the number of sanitary places for higher traffic , and  organization a place for people with limited mobility. In addition to a purely functional task, it was necessary to make a unique, laconic image (colors, materials) in the interior and create a comfortable atmosphere that leaves a pleasant impression from visiting the building where it is located.

The reconstruction project took the basic requirements for public sanitary facilities:

  • well thought-out layout
  • easy for cleaning
  • good ventilation
  • lighting
  • Fire safety
  • anti-vandalism
  • accessibility for all groups

An increase in the area of ​​sanitary facilities was carried out by adding extra square meters of a part of a neighboring store and completely dismantling the partitions of the existing toilet. This made it possible to fulfill a new planning solution, took the stated requirements for functional zoning and increase in traffic.

Lining materials and high-quality plumbing equipment play an important role in the improvement of public sanitary facilities. The interior of the entrance group, the washbasin area and the main room used surface materials that are easy to clean. For walls and floors such materials as ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and FunderMax HPL panels. HPL panels have also been used as countertops in the washbasin area and in sanitary cabins. The use of HPL-material with wood texture allowed to “revive” the room, and decorative milling added individuality to  an ordinary element of the toilet as a sanitary cabin.

All sanitary equipment was selected from the point of view of ease  and  cleaning: hanging toilet bowls and urinals with  sensory control,  there  is a hygienic shower, built-in sinks of sufficient depth and width, taps of the sensory type.

The interior of the entrance group of bathrooms is unusual for this kind of premises. Its “highlight” is a decorative florrarium composed from natural and artificial elements, it creates an unusual exotic atmosphere. The idea of ​​cacti is continued in the rest of the premises in the form of styling done by HPL milling.

Often the expression “Toilet design” will cause a smile, a certain irony, BUT behind beautiful, balanced in color and texture images  – we have done a huge  technical and time-consuming and competent work, so we can say exactly that the project is  success!