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Order a design


Incredibly effective and at the same time comfortable male interior in the LCD River Park, Dnipro.

The main idea of ​​the project is to create a chic, wonderful, unique interior in the shortest possible time (4 months) and at the same time use strictly limit budget.

Inspired by the interiors and furniture of world brands (Bizzotto, DV Home, Visionare, Turri, Bruno Zampa, Caroti, Sevensedie, etc.) of the “luxury” class, the concept of the future interior was defined. Art Deco style with a part of glamor was approved by the customer and most closely was to his understanding of expensive, status housing.


Due to the short deadlines, the design and construction work began almost the same time. And at the same time, the layout was coordinated, and  there were at the  dismantling and installation of partitions in that area. On an area of ​​92 square meters. The important condition was to make two bathrooms and two dressing rooms, and to divide   functional zones. Despite the not  big area, it was possible to clearly define two zones: the zone of daily activity and the zone of sleep and rest. The daily activity zone includes a hall with a spacious wardrobe, a spacious kitchen-living room and a guest bathroom. A bedroom with a wardrobe and a large bathroom make up a private sleeping and rest area.

The basis of the ideology of the interior is the motive of the chic French Riviera with its perfect sunsets and the bohemian life. Expensive decoration materials, luxurious glossy textures of furniture in combination with the game of mirrors, gold and silver decorative elements create a feeling of elegant and sophisticated space. And the use of natural stone, leather, metal and velvety decorative plaster give the interior a male restraint, elegance and severity. Mirror panels increase the space, add light  to the room, and their bronze tint – comfort. Saturated, deep, contrasting color solutions surprise and give a feeling of complete aesthetic satisfaction and  an atmosphere of relaxation …

The interior is  bold and frankly immodest, luxurious and pompous. Solemnity is in each element of the interior and charges with a positive attitude.

This interior will satisfy any ambitions and amaze, leaving an unforgettable impression and a feeling of delight, even the most sophisticated guests!