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Order a design


Name: Keturiy, Dnipro

Area: 90 m2

Location: Dnipro

Design year: 2015

Year of realization: 2016

The modern interior of the apartment in the LCD “Panorama” for a young and active couple with brave views on interior design and bright ideas.

The longest phase of the project was the approval of a planning decision. At the beginning, the customers had their own ideas about the room zoning, but after sorting through many options, the optimal layout was approved. As a result, the agreed plan contained an entrance

area, a combined bathroom, a spacious kitchen-living room, a children room and a bedroom with a spacious wardrobe.

The concept of interior design was based on a combination of simple forms and expressive materials. Laconic furniture on the background of complex textures (decorative plaster, rough brickwork, wooden panels), a contrasting combination of floor and walls, as well as bright accent colors create a non-trivial image of a city apartment.

In general, the interior turned out to be stylish and cozy, and its atmosphere fully corresponds to its young and energetic owners.