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Apartment with a fireplace

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Apartment with a fireplace

The interior is made in the neoclassical style decorated in discreet colors without bright, flashy shades.

Apartment 90 sq.m. in the residential complex “Panorama” was designed for a family of three. The main goal is to create a competent layout and save area  and the ease of living space.

Panoramic windows give a special mood to the room, which makes the apartment light, and the space is voluminous and airy. The interior is not cluttered with furniture, only the most necessary. The ceiling is evenly framed with a wide frieze. The main (central) accent of the living room is a false fireplace and decorative stained glass partition. In the interior there are elements of classics: baguettes, lush curtains,  wall panels. Main colors: grey, beige, pearl, white, deep blue.

The result was an aesthetic, stylish, nice space.