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Apartment in Kiev

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Apartment in Kiev

Name: Modern interior design with elements of Scandinavian style.

Area: 92 m2

Place: Kiev

Design year: February 2016

Year of realization: 2016 October

Apartment in Kiev, new building. Family composition – parents and a  child. The apartment already had a layout. Kitchen, living room, two bathrooms and two bedrooms. The task was to open the space as much as possible, but with the possibility, if necessary, to make another room when the second child will appear. It was made several options for planning decisions.

The project was carried out remotely. The questions of the construction  were resolved over the telephone, photos were sent in Viber. The selection of materials and furniture was done in Kiev and Dnipro. Some items were ordered in Lviv and even in England.

Most of the furniture was made by Kiev masters  from the developed drawings and visualizations of the project. The interior  is modern with elements of Scandinavian style.

Design time – 2 months. Since the beginning of the second month, repair and construction works  began and were 7 months. Customers liked the new interior so much that they moved there, when not all the facades on the cabinets were installed, but they started living in their apartment!