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Order a design


A small apartment in the residential complex “Akvarel”, a total of 47 sq. M. Apartment for a young couple in a modern style with elements of ethno.

The interior is decorated in bright neutral colors at the base, which is the style of minimalism. During the design, the neutral room started having its own special image by  adding several bright accents of ethnic origin into it. The selection  was very carefully: sofa cushions, bedspreads, decorative objects of various sizes (floor vases, lamps, panels, figurines). This topic is close to the customer’s wife, because she is from Asia and similar motives were close and familiar from childhood.

Due to the small area of ​​the apartment, it was necessary to maintain a balance of color, light and decoration. The main task was to correctly use the color accents, decorative techniques and not clutter the space and save the interior.

As a result, minimalism in tandem with stylistic ethnic accents in a small apartment allowed to create a stylish and cozy interior.