Salute, Vera!!!

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Project information

Name: Salute, Vera !!!

Area: 48 m2

Location: Dnipro, LCD Salute

Design year: 2017

Apartment design was developed for the mother of the customer. While working on the project, it was necessary to mix  the wishes of both –  the customer and the future owner of the apartment. Modern classical design with the atmosphere of a country house was chosen. The apartment is small, to visually expand the space and fill it with light and air –  light, pastel colors and mirrors were used. Customers did not want this interiors look plain, they added accents in the form of textiles and baguette  frames. The theme of a country house was dictated by the absence of big wardrobes, so the spacious wardrobe room was done in this apartment. Attached to the kitchen  a balcony is decorated as a porch for  drinking tea.

Work on the project was very caareful: the area is small, all the nuances are visible, so every square meter of the apartment was worked out. The design of the apartment was easy and harmonious.